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About us

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The leading private healthcare provider

MyGPiTrust ® is brought to you by Roodlane Medical – one of London’s leading names in private healthcare.

With seven clinics across the capital, Roodlane is conveniently situated for anyone who needs to visit within the working day as well as for central London residents.

All the centres are fully equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment and staffed by committed and highly experienced health professionals.

The private GP service designed to fit in with your needs

Nothing is more important than your health. But sometimes the sheer pace of life means that you just don’t have time to take proper care of it. Now here’s a way to enjoy a private GP service that fits in with your schedule. It’s called MyGPiTrust and is available to individuals and families on a subscription basis starting from as little as £19.99 per month.

Personal health assessments
You have fast access to a wide range of health Every year, you will be given a comprehensive

Private GP care
There are unlimited private GP appointments at a time and place to suit you and within 48 hours from when you call - sooner if it is urgent.

Prescription delivery service
It’s not always convenient to pick up a prescription so MyGPiTrust includes a service to deliver medicines to your home or office within London for a delivery charge of just £15.

Flu vaccinations
Don’t let flu lay you low over winter. The flu vaccination you will receive as a member of MyGPiTrust could protect you from many of the most common strains.

MyGPiTrust® is a trademark of Roodlane Medical