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Welcome to MyGPiTrust, the private GP service designed to fit in with your needs. Your health in your hands.
What's included
  • unlimited appointments
  • an annual health screen
  • flu jab
  • full prescription service*
  • telemedicine services
  • access to your health records
  • an app for easy booking

*If your prescription can’t be dispensed immediately we can arrange for it to be delivered within London at a cost of £15

Unlimited appointments with MyGP and a full medical screen - for less than £1 a day

With a subscription to MyGPiTrust ® you have the peace of mind of knowing that you can see your trusted GP without the wait and can access a whole host of healthy extras such as flu jabs, travel clinics, telemedicine and health advice. And you’ll get a full medical screen as soon as you sign up to MyGPiTrust.

MyGPiTrust - Your Trusted Adviser

MyGPiTrust is provided by Roodlane Medical, a long-established GP practice in the heart of London with a refreshingly old-fashioned approach to care where the focus is on you.

MyGPiTrust Terms and Conditions

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The Private GP service designed to fit in with your needs